Get a life

As an employer, you shoulder a lot of responsibility. However, have you let this responsibility and pressure take over your life to the point where you have become a workaholic? Following are some ways to tear yourself away from your desk and enjoy life:

  • Recognizing the problem is the first step. Do you answer your work cell phone when you are on vacation? Do you take your laptop with you everywhere you go? Do you start itching to do work when you're supposed to be relaxing? Do your family and friends feel you are never really completely with them? If so, these could be signs that you are a workaholic.

  • Look back at what your priorities used to be. What were your goals when you were beginning your career? Did you want to have a job you enjoyed? You most likely were not planning to have your life revolve around work. Re-evaluate your priorities, and figure out what should be No. 1 one in your life.

  • Keep your body healthy. Burnout easily can get in the way of your goals. Eat healthy foods; exercise; and take the time to reflect—no matter how busy your day is.

  • Take care of your relationships. Relationships with your kids, spouse, etc., need to be nurtured. Take at least an hour a day to spend quality time with your family (this does not include feeding the kids or paying the bills). Be sure you know what is most important.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Recognize when you are taking life too seriously, and do something about it.