The New England Construction Safety Partnership, a group representing unions, contractors and construction managers, among others, has formed to make New England the safest place to work in construction in the U.S.

"Our mission is to create an environment for working in incident- and injury-free construction," says Mary Vogel, executive director of the Labor-Management Construction Safety Alliance, a founding member of the partnership.

The partnership will promote Incident & Injury Free (IIF), an initiative that features intolerance of incident or injury at any level and focuses on concern for the individual worker instead of simply from a requirement viewpoint.

"IIF can be described as a journey of commitment toward integrating first-class safety processes and practices with the human side of safety," says Matt Schroyer, New England area environmental health and safety director for Bovis Lend Lease, a member of the partnership that committed to IIF four years ago. "It is about relationship building through breaking down traditional barriers between management and the trade worker."