The new political paradigm

"Hell, I never vote for anybody. I always vote against."—W.C. Fields

W.C. Fields' utterly prescient statement probably served as the voting model for most Americans a few months ago as Republicans lost a 10-year hold on Congress, giving the Democratic Party renewed vigor in its campaign for the top office in 2008.

Most political pundits agree that many Republican candidates lost not because of their merits but because of the perceived lack thereof in the Republican Party—particularly with regard to the president. But whether it's Clinton, Obama, Giuliani or McCain winning the executive seat in 2008, the roofing industry will focus on its agenda and continue to support candidates who further the causes of small businesses.

In this month's cover feature on page 24, NRCA Vice President of Government Relations Craig S. Brightup describes how the new Congress likely will address the issues important to the roofing industry, namely immigration, small-business health plans, energy legislation and taxes.