Taking root

It's been said you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Well, it seems the roofing industry is standing in front of a trough and becoming thirsty. As one of the oldest construction trades—and one that often has been skeptical of new techniques and systems—the roofing industry is ready to embrace the green building movement, let go of some of its hesitancy and welcome new opportunities.

At the 2007 International Roofing Expo held in March in Las Vegas, the trade show was full of exhibitors showing off products that address current demands for energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as environmentally friendly products.

And NRCA's SpecRight Program training session held the day before the trade show opened was sold out—contractors were eager to learn how to explain energy-efficiency issues to their clients.

It's obvious the demand for green building exists, and many roofing professionals and manufacturers are willing to meet that demand—not only through green roof systems but through reflective coatings, more efficient insulation, innovative design and quality application, and better and more frequent roof system maintenance.