Is something different?

Yes, Professional Roofing has undergone a dramatic change. Following feedback we received from an extensive reader survey conducted in 2016, we redesigned the magazine so it better serves our readers.

The process took about a year to move from broad concepts to workable drafts to fine-tuning things like typefaces and color. We had many spirited discussions before arriving at the best reboot the magazine has seen during my 20 years at NRCA.

Among the changes, you will notice news items now are grouped into three new sections that focus on general industry news, technical and research updates, and government and regulatory issues. Our popular columns "As I was saying," "Tech Today" and "Capitol Hill" have been integrated into these sections so you easily can find the news that interests you.

In addition, we have moved the New Ideas section to the front of the book and added photos to supplement product descriptions. We also created a new page—#Hashtag—that highlights social media posts from throughout the industry, helping you keep tabs on hot topics among roofing professionals.