Forging a path

For several years, NRCA and its volunteer leadership have been examining ways to address the industry's workforce problem (which includes the recruitment and training of workers). Practically speaking, contractors wondered whether a national organization could provide effective worker training locally.

As time passed, advancements in technology, increased pressure to compete and a dwindling workforce brought the idea to the forefront this year.

During its Midyear Meetings held in Chicago July 12-16, NRCA University announced it will begin developing a credentialing program for all levels of roofing workers—from an employee starting a career in roofing through the designation of "master roofing worker."

The goal is to offer workers a true career path in roofing, which, NRCA hopes, will help attract more people into the industry and provide opportunities for them to advance within it. Much of the training will take place via distance learning platforms, eliminating costly travel expenses. In addition, participants will be able to track their progress online. Existing experienced employees will be offered the opportunity to qualify for several levels of certification based on their knowledge and experience, allowing them to participate in the program, as well.