Hurricane updates

As you can imagine, NRCA has been busy trying to get a handle on the damage caused by the recent hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast and Florida. To determine how roof systems performed, NRCA's Technical Services staff members Jim Kirby and Chuck Scislo traveled to Mississippi soon after Hurricane Katrina. Their findings are discussed in "Hurricane Katrina: observations from the field," page 22. Additional photos from the trip are available as a Web Exclusive on

In addition, the National Roofing Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund to help hurricane victims has reached $300,000. A special task force was formed to manage the disbursement of funds. During NRCA's Fall Committee Meetings, the task force agreed to donate $100,000 to Rebuilding Together (the funds only will be used to repair damaged roof systems); $50,000 to a special project yet to be identified; and $50,000 to help those in the roofing industry. The remaining $100,000 will remain untouched until additional needs are determined.

The foundation still is seeking labor, monetary and material donations for the fund. It also hopes to receive noncash donations, such as housing and meals for volunteer workers, transportation and warehouse facilities. All contributions made to the Disaster Relief Fund are tax-deductible, and donors will receive receipts for their gifts.

Related to the Disaster Relief Fund, NRCA is in the process of creating special packets for contractors in the damaged areas. The packets, meant to be distributed to homeowners and building owners, will explain the importance of choosing professional contractors, answer frequently asked questions and include NRCA's contractor qualification forms. NRCA hopes the packets will help professional contractors educate consumers about choosing reliable roofing services. NRCA members in the affected areas will receive a supply of packets free of charge in the coming weeks.