It's the end of the world as we know it …

2016 is sure to be remembered as one of the strangest, most complex and confounding years in political history. A businessman gone rogue catapulted himself and his vision of America into the presidency, and both his supporters and detractors, I think it is fair to say, were genuinely surprised by how soundly he defeated Hillary Clinton. Neither existing major political party will come out of this election unscathed or unchanged. Seismic shifts could happen as the electorate continues to push for change and populism enjoys the spoils of election war.

Closer to home, seismic shifts also are happening albeit more positive ones. NRCA's CEO Bill Good writes his final column this month as his 41-year NRCA tenure comes to a close. I, for one, find the parting to be bittersweet at best. Quite simply, I will miss him.

I came to NRCA 20 years ago as a recent college graduate and was hired as editorial assistant for Professional Roofing. As time passed, I seemed to be in the right place at the right time and moved up to the position I hold now. Younger than most of my peers and a woman in a male-dominated industry, I faced many challenges along the way, professionally and personally, but throughout the scope of my NRCA career, Bill has been a consummate role model and leader.

He has an uncanny ability to draw out the best in people, sometimes pushing hard but never too far. He believes everyone on staff matters and stresses we all play important roles in making NRCA the successful organization it is. He tells new hires his door is always open to them, and he means it. And he cares—deeply—about this industry perhaps more deeply than he cares about his beloved (World Champion!) Chicago Cubs.