How would you roof this facility?

NRCA member roofing contractors give their opinions about how to roof a fictional building

When installing a roof system on a building, often contractors have a variety of roof system options available. Different roofing contractors would approach the same project in different ways, and all the approaches would produce a viable roof system.

Professional Roofing presented NRCA member roofing contractors with parameters for a fictional building and asked them how they would roof the building and to explain their decisions.

Following are the characteristics of the fictional building:

  • Located in the central U.S. (Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee), the building complex houses a medical center and health and fitness center.

  • The two-story medical office complex has a concrete roof deck, as well as an adjacent four-story building with additional offices and occupied space.

  • The four-story offices and lab space have steel roof decks and an 18-inch (457-mm) parapet wall perimeter. There also is one isolated section with parapets on all four sides, a steel roof deck and interior use requiring sound attenuation.

  • A two-story recreational space includes a gymnasium and attached pool areas, including a pool area isolated inside with floor-to-ceiling wall partitions. All areas have steel roof decks with gradual sloped radius curves, low-profile edges on the sides and curved ends.

  • A 1 1/2-story multipurpose area for exercise, track, racquetball, etc., has a low-slope steel roof deck with 18-inch (457-mm) parapets.

  • A one-story entry and food/beverage/lounge area has a steep-slope, wood plank, tongue-in-groove roof deck and needs deck insulation.