Installing concrete and clay tile

A new tile installation guide has been released by the Roof Tile Institute

For years, the roof tile industry has been asked to develop an industry-based installation manual that would provide recommendations for installing concrete and clay roof tile in moderate climate regions of North America.

During the past two years, members of the Roof Tile Institute (RTI) (formerly the National Tile Roofing Manufacturers Association) have worked with the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) to assemble such a manual, which provides best installation practices, industry standards and available code requirements.

The new manual, Concrete and Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual for Moderate Climate Regions, was released to the design/build community in June 2001. The changes made to the manual became effective in the field Jan. 1. The new manual can replace the numerous individual installation guides currently in circulation, which are provided by individual tile manufacturers as part of their code approval. There currently are more than 50 manuals by various tile manufacturers in North America. Almost all tile manufacturers in North America now have formally replaced their manuals with RTI's and WSRCA's manual.

The 73-page manual contains detailed recommendations and drawings that address every aspect of roof systems used with tile products. The recommendations are meant for areas with moderate climates that may experience occasional winter storms and heavy rain. In locations where the January mean temperature is 30 F (-1 C) or less or where ice damming occurs, RTI and WSRCA suggest roofing professionals refer to the organizations' Concrete and Clay Tile Roof Design Criteria Manual for Cold and Snow Regions. (Copies may be ordered on RTI's Web site,