Keys to success

NRCA members share their best practices for running a successful contracting business

Whether you are starting a new contracting business or have been operating one for years, it is important to analyze your business practices and look for ways to improve them. Professional Roofing spoke to five NRCA members to learn their secrets to operating a successful business: Chris Jurin, president of Jurin Roofing Services Inc., Quakertown, Pa.; Bob Kulp, founder and owner of Kulp's of Stratford LLC, Stratford, Wis.; Steve Little, president of KPOSTCompany, Dallas; Tim Rainey, co-founder and president of Supreme Roofing Systems Inc., Dallas; and Nick Sabino, president of Deer Park Roofing Inc., Cincinnati. Their approaches to business, though different, all stress the same message: Teamwork is essential.

Business matters

The backbone of any successful business is the knowledge and efficiency tactics of a leader and his or her team. To run a profitable and effective contracting business, a leader needs to understand operations management, maintain a strong and transparent relationship with stakeholders, have up-to-date legal knowledge and consider using consultants to gain a third-party grasp on his or her business.

In terms of operations management, each contractor interviewed understood the importance of managing overhead costs, keeping current with financial situations, and figuring out efficiency tactics to reduce waste and overlap. Kulp takes inventory of essential items in his warehouse and calculates financial data monthly. Little believes it is best to look at job costs weekly and overhead costs multiple times per month. Rainey takes things to an even more focused scope by conducting daily reports to manage material and labor costs.