Labor on a library

Wm. Molnar Roofing roofs Ferndale Public Library

Ferndale Public Library in Ferndale, Mich., first opened its doors in November 1930 with the city allotting $5,000 for about 2,000 books and one librarian. It has since expanded a great deal, not only in terms of books and other materials available but also in space.

In 1954, the library moved from its original building to a new building next door; the facility, in which the library continues to function, has spacious reading areas, accessible reference and circulation areas, and a large community meeting room.

In 2004, because of declined state support for cities and desire for more public involvement, Ferndale established the library as an independent body with an elected board. Based on a series of public surveys, the new library board redesigned aspects of the building's interior, increased its budget for materials and lengthened the library's hours of operation. The library now has about 100,000 items in its collection.

In 2009, to accommodate its expanded collection and make the library more environmentally responsible, the library's board decided to build an 8,000-square-foot addition on the building and update the existing building to meet LEED® Silver (v2.2) requirements.