Legal information worthwhile

I enjoyed the advice given by Stephen M. Phillips, a partner with the Atlanta-based law firm Hendrick, Phillips, Salzman & Flatt, in "Contract discrepancies," June issue, page 16.

As a contracting company involved with the installation of interior protection, Tuff-Wrap Installations Inc., Harleysville, Pa., is intimately familiar with the ambiguities surrounding contracts, scope of work, etc. For any roofing project (particularly reroofing projects), a contractor ultimately may be responsible for "dust and debris" containment. Far too often, a contractor unwittingly agrees to this without understanding the expertise required to install acceptable levels of dust and debris protection. Not discussing the "ambiguities" of interior protection ahead of time often results in extra costs to the contractor, bad relations with the customer and additional liabilities not factored into a project.

It always is best to address such issues with customers to have a clear understanding of their expectations. Contacting an interior protection specialist provides value-added insight and expertise—all in the best interest of customers.

Bill Tierney
TuffWrap Installations Inc.
Harleysville, Pa.