Readers share their immigration opinions

NRCA Executive Vice President Bill Good's column, "Legislating by compromise," July issue, page 58, would have been a lot more straightforward if it had said what is obviously true:

  • The legislation proposed does not represent the will of the American people.
  • These are illegal aliens we are talking about and not "undocumented workers."
  • Did Good forget that "all the interest groups" includes NRCA? Perhaps he really meant to say "all those folks who oppose NRCA."
  • The statement "ours is a nation of immigrants" is irrelevant to the discussion.
  • The statement "denying entry into our country is inconsistent with our best impulses" is wrong and dangerous. Protecting our borders from illegal entry is the issue. The law does not act on "best impulses" though the anointed elite act on nothing else.

Comprehensive immigration reform is a bogus issue. We do not need new legislation to protect our borders. The government's poor enforcement of existing laws gives Americans no confidence the government will enforce any new laws, either. As for the 12 million illegal aliens, if we quit paying for their education, welfare, health care, etc., they will find their way home soon enough. The real issues are:

  • Firms looking for cheap labor
  • Political party interest in votes (particularly the Democratic Party)
  • Labor unions looking for the power gained from increased membership and dues