Leveraging resources

Partnering with customers to take advantage of energy-efficient rebates will help your business grow

Installing energy-efficient roof systems is a trend that does not seem to be going away. The sustainability trend, coupled with easy access to information, is changing the roofing landscape. Building owners and homeowners are becoming more data savvy and not only want buildings and homes designed to save them money, but they also want buildings and homes that will earn them money. Thanks to Internet search engines, there are many online resources that allow building owners and homeowners to gather enough information to make any roof system renovation or new construction project an earning opportunity.

As you bid on potential projects, it is important to find ways to separate your company from others. Staying informed about changes in consumers' needs is paramount to your continued success. Putting together information about the ways roofing products and systems can save building owners and homeowners money and including the information with your project submittals is a great way to stand apart from other contractors. But where do you get the information to include in your proposals? What resources are reliable and accurate? And how much time will it add to the submittal process?

Federal incentives

The Department of Energy's (DOE's) website, www.dsire.org, includes a database of state incentives for energy efficiency. It has tools such as a summary table that lists by state the tax incentives, rebates, grants and loans available statewide and locally. There are more than 1,100 rebates available through utility companies, local governing bodies and state governments, as well as nationwide rebates. Also included on the website is a summary of the rules and regulations associated with tax deduction and rebate eligibility.