Look around

As summer leads into fall, reports from our members have been universally positive. Although many report labor shortages, most are navigating the positive business climate with optimism.

I love fall. In northern Wisconsin where I spent most of my life, the season brings beautiful changes in color and temperature. Kids go back to school; the NFL football season begins; and the hope of another Green Bay Packers Super Bowl prevails. Like any season, fall brings opportunities to our businesses and families.

One opportunity I hope we all consider is taking charge of our personal time. As I have traveled the world this year talking to roofing contractors and others in this great industry, I couldn't help but notice how attached we have become to our cell phones and tablets. We are immediately accessible to almost anyone at almost any time.

Recently, I was in southern Georgia and watched a young couple on vacation with their two children having lunch at a roadside BBQ. Each of the four had their faces glued to their own electronic gizmos. Not one of the four were even speaking to each other.