Making sense of metal

Various standards can complicate specifying metal panel roof systems

When specifying metal panel roof systems, roof system designers and specifiers need to be aware of specific standards. Sometimes, the standards applicable to metal panel roof systems are identical or similar to those that apply to other roof system types. However, in some cases, standards unique to metal products or metal panel roof systems apply.


Two ASTM International standard specifications, ASTM E1514, "Standard Specification for Structural Standing Seam Steel Roof Panel Systems," and ASTM E1637, "Standard Specification for Structural Standing Seam Aluminum Roof Panel Systems," provide basic design guidelines for steel and aluminum structural standing-seam roof panel systems.

The two standards address weather protection, specified design loads and proper access over roof surfaces to provide for periodic equipment maintenance. Each standard addresses specific performance requirements (minimum design loads, thermal movement), structural integrity (load capacity), panel material, panel clips, anchorage and watertightness.