Metal lockdown

Supreme Roofing Systems coordinates tough security measures to reroof the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's cannery

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) operates the largest prison system in the U.S. Its mission is to provide public safety, promote positive change in offender behavior, reintegrate offenders into society and assist victims of crime. It manages offenders in state prisons, state jails and private correctional facilities that contract with TDCJ. The agency also provides funding and oversight for community supervision and is responsible for the supervision of offenders released from prison on parole or mandatory supervision.

TDCJ's Terrell Unit Cannery in Rosharon, Texas, is part of the prison's agricultural operations, which includes field crops and a fresh vegetable cannery to help make the prison self-sufficient. When the facility's roof system began to fail, Supreme Roofing Systems, Dallas, was selected by the roof consultant, Amtech Building Sciences, Houston, to perform repairs and reroof the building.

Tight security

Reroofing a prison facility presents many unique security challenges. Supreme Roofing Systems employees were escorted from the guard shack to the roof each day and during every trip to the staging area.