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NRCA announces 2011 classes

NRCA will hold a CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization class Feb. 15 in Las Vegas and March 3 in Chicago. During the workshop, attendees will complete a 10-hour accreditation program about how to teach torch safety. Attendees who successfully complete the program will be authorized to conduct CERTA certification training for roofing workers. Class participants must be proficient in the use of a roofing torch and have experience training others. Each attendee is required to complete and submit a prequalifying questionnaire before the class begins.

NRCA will hold a six-hour CERTA Train-the-trainer Reauthorization class March 4 in Chicago for authorized CERTA trainers to renew their accreditations. Trainers must renew their accreditations every three years. If they do not become reauthorized within six months of the eligibility expiration date, they will be required to retake the 10-hour CERTA Train-the-trainer Authorization course.

On Feb. 15, NRCA will hold Roofing Industry Fall Protection from A to Z in Las Vegas. The class will discuss fall-protection hazards and fall-protection systems, equipment and techniques available. In addition, the class will focus on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's cancellation of its slide guard rule.