New Ideas

Product diverts snow and ice

LMCurbs® has released its Snow Diverter, an aluminum product that diverts snow and ice from penetrations, such as stacks and vent pipes, on metal roof systems. The product comes in various sizes and attaches to a roof with the company's S-5! Utility Clamps, which reportedly do not penetrate roof panels.

2003 QuickBooks® products released

Intuit Inc. has released its 2003 QuickBooks products that are designed to offer industry-specific solutions for accounting and business management.

QuickBooks® Premier 2003, QuickBooks® Pro 2003 and QuickBooks® Basic 2003 feature Federal Express® shipping services and help businesses comply with federal and state employee laws.

QuickBooks® Online Edition, Version 7, includes new payment and transaction options, which allow businesses to automatically apply discounts or penalties, as well as access to financial information through the Internet.

QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions Business Management Software, Version 2, features business-planning and analysis tools, as well as enhanced inventory-control capabilities.

QuickBooks® Premier 2003: Contractor Edition reports which projects are making money and features new estimating and change-order procedures.

QuickBooks® Premier 2003: Accountant Edition features enhanced journal-entry options and remote access to information.

The company also released its Intuit Payroll Service Complete Payroll, an outsourced payroll option that can be used with QuickBooks software.

Membrane designed for commercial use

Stevens Roofing Systems has released Stevens EP-XL, its 80-mil-thick TPO membrane for use on commercial buildings, such as hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants and others. The membrane, which is ENERGY STAR®-rated, is said to have a 450-pound-per-foot puncture resistance, 430-pound breaking strength and -70 F brittleness.

AppliCad updates its software

AppliCad has released Roof Master V4.0, an updated version of the company's roofing software. The product includes 3-D modeling functions, automatic report generation, roof drawings and a function to export data to an accounting or job-management software system.

Saw features orbital blade

Metabo Corp. has made available its variable speed jig saw—Model STE105 Plus—that features a five-speed orbital blade for plunge cutting heating, ventilating and air-conditioning vents and other holes. The saw can cut up to 4 1/8-inch-thick wood, 1 3/16-inch-thick metal and 3/8-inch-thick sheet steel. The product features full-wave electronic speed control, which is said to maintain a cutting speed under moderate loads.

The company also released its 18-volt cordless drill/driver—BST18 Plus—that is said to remove damaged screws. The tool features Impuls technology, which is said to find a point of resistance in which to drive or remove tight or damaged screws, as well as drill, tap and drive screws. The product includes 20 torque settings that range from 246 inches per pound to 528 inches per pound and features 1/2-inch steel capacity and 13/16-inch softwood capacity.

Bracket designed for metal work

NICO Innovations Inc. has released its Brucie Bracket to provide roofing workers with footholds while working on steep-slope standing-seam metal roof systems. The aluminum and stainless-steel brackets feature pads at their bases to protect a roof system from scratches and stains. The 30-pound brackets are said to work with 1-inch- to 3-inch-high standing-seam single- and double-lock panels.

Metal strip system clicks into place

RHEINZINK America Inc. has made available its RHEINZINK®-Click Strip System, a roll-batten system that clicks into a metal roof system. The roll-batten system features a 20-gauge galvanized RHEINZINK®-Click Strip Bracket, which fastens between a substructure's panels and overlaps the lateral flanges to secure panels from wind. Prefabricated ridge and eave roll caps are available for the system.

Book offers resume tips

AECWorkForce has made available AECWorkForce Guide to Finding the Right Job in the Design & Construction Industry, a 240-page book that offers tips to tailor resumes for specific design and construction jobs. The guide addresses how to use verbs, include significant work and community contributions, avoid personal and salary information, and minimize a resume's length. The book also emphasizes the importance of proofreading.

Business card kit attaches to vehicles

Vehicle Pocket Inc. has released its Vehicle Card Pockets, which hold business cards and attach to service vehicles. The pockets consist of plastic cases that hold 100 business cards and adhesive to attach cases to service vehicles. A sign that says, "Business cards—take one," also is included. The removable cases are said to protect business cards from inclement weather.

Document guides shingle installation

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) has made available a document to guide installation of laminated asphalt shingles—"ARMA Good Application Makes for a Better Roof, A Simplified Guide: Installing Laminated Asphalt Shingles for Maximum Life & Weather Protection." The document is condensed information from the ARMA Residential Asphalt Roofing Manual.

Solar system is free-standing

Schott Applied Power Corp. has made available its SunRoof™ FS, a free-standing solar electric system for low-slope roof systems. The product, which tilts 5 degrees, features a stainless-steel base and is designed to withstand inclement weather and winds up to 100 mph. The system is available in sizes that produce 30 kilowatts (kW), 45 kW and 100 kW of power and can be customized to meet other energy requirements.

Software is enhanced

ECL Software has made available its Simply Construction Professional Edition, Version 5.1, an enhanced version of its construction-management database. The software provides estimating, scheduling, project-management, communication and accounting capabilities for companies with $2 million to $100 million revenues. The product also includes more than 600 business letters that can be personalized for correspondence with customers and other businesses.

Tiles provide solar energy

Imerys Toiture has released its photovoltaic roof tiles that produce solar energy as part of a tile roof system. The tiles, which each measure 5 2/5 square feet, replace five clay tiles and can be screwed into battens. The tiles include the components that connect to a main power supply, and 20 panels are said to produce 1,000 kilowatt hours of power per year.

Internet tool accesses data

SI Systems Inc. has made available its SI Web Tools, which allow users to access project data, such as financial and purchasing information, through the Internet. Digital photographs, copies of signed change orders and other documents can be attached to a Web page so customers can determine a project's status. The program is designed for use with the company's SI System, which includes job-cost, accounting and service-order packages.

In addition, the SI System now can be integrated with the Edge Roof Estimating System software. The integration allows estimating data to be incorporated with job-cost and other information without being retyped.

Software features CAD capabilities

Digital Facilities Corp. has made available InfoRoof Professional, Version 2.0, its enhanced software program for roofing contractors, consultants and building owners. The software features computer-aided drawing (CAD) capabilities and a new CAD Viewer component, which allows users to highlight problem areas on a roof, save bitmap images, print drawings and reports, and hyperlink drawings. The software also includes improved photograph-handling capabilities.

Tire resists punctures

Carefree Tire has made available its Carefree Tire® for light- to medium-duty material-handling equipment, such as wheelbarrows and handcarts. The tire is made of a microcellular polyurethane material that is said to resist punctures and never become flat. The product reportedly lasts longer than air-filled tires and features a 600-pound load capacity.

Dryer is for boots and gloves

SMC Innovations has made available its Dry-Doc™ Multi-Purpose Dryer, a unit that circulates air to dry damp boots and gloves. The unit contains multiple drying ports and a Drip Lip to capture water. The product reportedly will not crack or deteriorate leather, vinyl or synthetic materials.

Adhesive attaches PVC membranes

Worthen Industries has made available SZ-0579, a dry-contact adhesive that adheres PVC/Elvaloy® membranes to substrates, including metal and concrete. One gallon of adhesive is said to cover more than 120 square feet of roof area and can be applied with a paint roller. The product reportedly dries in about five minutes.

The company also released SZ-0575, a clear sealant that seals edges of PVC/Elvaloy membranes, plasticized PVC membranes and others. The sealant can be applied with squeeze bottles.

Package explains polyiso R-values

Denver-based Johns Manville Roofing Systems Group has developed an educational package to help designers, specifiers and contractors understand long-term thermal resistance (LTTR) values of polyisocyanurate insulation.

The package includes information about the nonozone-depleting agents used in the production of polyisocyanurate insulation, background data about the chemistry of insulation products, conversion tables, a CD-ROM and other materials.

Drills feature improved chucks

DEWALT Power Tools has released its D21000 series of 3/8-inch drills that feature improved chucks. Model D21008K includes a ratcheting lock on its chuck, which reportedly allows users to tighten the grip on bits by 15 percent. Model D21009 features a metal keyless chuck, which is said to withstand metal drilling and fastening applications. And Model D21002 features a metal keyed chuck. The drills produce 2,500 rotations per minute and 110 inches per pound of torque.

In addition, the company has made available its High-Tension Hack Saw Frame—Model DW3970—that is made of die-cast aluminum, steel tubing and glass-filled nylon. The tool features a handgrip trigger for blade changing and tension knob to secure a blade. The tool's blade features steel teeth and a high-carbon steel backer. The saw cuts at 45- and 90-degree angles.


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