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System features 30-year warranty

Firestone Building Products has made available its Firestone RubberGard Platinum® roof system, which features a 30-year warranty. The roof system consists of Firestone HailGard® composite insulation, Firestone IsoGard® underlayment and a 90-mil-thick EPDM membrane. The system is seamed with the Firestone QuickSeam® Tape System. The membrane is said to withstand 19 pounds of force, natural weathering and occasional foot traffic. The warranty protects against incidental punctures, 100-mph winds and hail up to 2 inches in diameter.

In addition, the company has released its Firestone QuickRoller that workers can use to install 3-, 6- and 7-inch Firestone QuickSeam® splices while standing. The 23-pound product is said to require less user pressure while rolling seams and features a 42-inch steel handle that is attached to a rubber-sleeved steel roller. QuickRoller reportedly does not require battens, seam plates or other products.

The company also made available its 3- and 4-inch drain inserts that feature an aluminum drain assembly and red strainer. The inserts use an EPDM sealing device to reportedly form a watertight seal as water pressure increases. The products can be used with the company's EPDM, thermoplastic and asphalt-based roof systems.