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Accessory lines expand company's offerings

ALTENLOH, BRINCK & CO. U.S. Inc. has introduced two rooftop accessory lines expanding its TRUFAST product offerings to the commercial roofing market.

The company, in partnership with ERICO® International Corp., now sells and services ERICO CADDY® PYRAMID Rooftop Pipe and Equipment supports, which provide support for pipes, conduit and equipment. The company also has partnered with Marathon Roofing Products to offer rooftop drains under the TRUFAST name. TRUFAST's new drain products include aluminum and copper retrofit roof drains and PVC and cast iron roof drains for new installation.

Telephone: (800) 443-9602

Underlayment resists tears

Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc. has added Polystick® TU MAX to its line of Polystick roof underlayments.

Polystick TU MAX is designed to be used under roof tiles. The rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane is intended for use as an underlayment in adhesive foam or mechanically fastened roof tile applications.

The underlayment reportedly is manufactured with a tear-resistant polyester reinforcement fabric and has an adhesive bottom surface resulting in a watertight bond and long-term adhesion.

Telephone: (800) 222-9782

Insulation is lightweight

Carlisle SynTec Systems has introduced SecurShield™ HD Composite, a continuous above-deck insulation for use on combustible decks.

SecurShield HD Composite consists of closed-cell, lightweight expanded polystyrene bonded to a high-density polyisocyanurate cover board. The insulation's lightweight factory-bonded panels reportedly make installation easy. It is compatible with fully adhered or mechanically fastened EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes.

Additionally, Versico Roofing Systems, a Carlisle company, has introduced the same product under the SecurShield HD Composite name, and Insulfoam, also a Carlisle company, has introduced the product under the name InsulFoam HD Composite.

Telephone: (800) 479-6832

Solar roof systems feature monocrystalline panels

CertainTeed Corp. has introduced its Solstice™ and Apollo® II solar roof systems.

Solstice's rack-mounted modules reportedly are durable and can be easily installed on low- or steep-slope roof systems.

The system features black cells laminated to a black back sheet and black mounting frame. Each 47-pound module contains 60 high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that produce a maximum electric power rating of 250 watts per module. Solstice Solar Roofing System is available in alternating current and direct current versions. Each kit contains the panels, racking, mounting clamps, flashing accessories, inverter and an optional monitoring system.

Apollo II features integrated photovoltaic panels that combine efficiency and aesthetics with easy wiring installation. Each 12-pound module features 14 high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells. Its low profile reportedly does not require structural reinforcement or evaluation. The system also reportedly is durable, resistant to wind uplift and can be integrated into an existing roof system or with the installation of a new roof system that combines solar panels and asphalt shingles.

Telephone: (800) 233-8990

Sealant resists mildew

Novagard Solutions has introduced Novaflex® Metal Roof Sealant for commercial and residential metal roofing applications.

Novaflex is a specially engineered silicone metal roof sealant that is ultraviolet- and mildew-resistant and cures in as little as 24 hours.

Telephone: (800) 380-0138

Boots are heat-resistant

Georgia Boot® has introduced its Thermal-Tec collection of work boots.

Thermal-Tec boots feature fire-retardant Goodyear welt construction and an oil- and slip-resistant rubber outsole with a melting point of almost 600 F. The boots, which are constructed and stitched with heat-resistant thread, also feature a 2.2-mm full-grain leather moisture-management lining to prevent heat from entering the boots and to keep feet cool.

The boots also are waterproof and feature Georgia Boot's advanced polyurethane memory foot bed, which reportedly provides all-day comfort and helps the wearer maintain stability.

Thermal-Tec boots are dark brown and available in 6-, 8- and 11-inch pull-on styles with an internal metatarsal guard option available for the 8-inch height.

Telephone: (740) 753-9100

Software tracks hail

SWIFT Weather has introduced its web-based hail tracking software at The real-time Hail Tracker software provides real-time hailstorm damage reports allowing contractors to locate residential and commercial properties that need repairs following hailstorms, high winds and tornadoes.

Hail Tracker includes an interactive aerial photography map of homes and businesses and allows users to export data to Microsoft® Excel or Google Earth. The software's Summary Reports allow the user to find any hail, wind or tornado report made during the past five years, and street-level graphics show where the hail fell. Users also can search by city and date to find individual storms or all storms for a select city. And the software's Historical Hail Data web-based interface product allows users to search a year's worth of hailstorm damage reports at one time.

Telephone: (800) 960-4586

Radio serves as charger

DEWALT® has introduced DCR015 12V/20V MAX Worksite Charger Radio, which serves as a charging solution for the company's 12V MAX and 20V MAX battery lines.

DCR015 features a 360-degree roll cage, integrated battery charger, device storage box, auxiliary and USB ports, and two alternating current (AC) power outlets.

The roll cage features shock absorbers to provide protection from rough job-site conditions. The auxiliary and USB ports allow for connection to CD and MP3 players, portable satellite receivers, and other digital audio devices to be played through the radio's amplifier and speakers. And the USB port reportedly can charge a USB-compatible electronic device while the radio is plugged into AC power outlets.

DCR015's woofers, tweeters and class D amplifier also reportedly provide a full range of high and low sounds.

Telephone: (800) 4-DEWALT (339258)

Sealant is environmentally friendly

Franklin International has added Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant to its Titebond WeatherMaster sealant product line. The sealant can be used on glass, metal, PVC, masonry, steel and stone and for general roofing applications, including metal roof systems. It also can be used to seal windows and doors, metal and vinyl siding, vents, gutters, exterior insulation and finish systems, expansion joints and concrete tilt walls.

Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant fills gaps up to an inch and shrinks less than 1 percent when cured. It is said to be environmentally friendly with a volatile organic compound content of 9 grams per liter. It is offered in 10.1-ounce cartridges and 20-ounce sausage packs.

Telephone: (800) 347-4583

Panels feature adjustable reveal

New Tech Machinery has introduced its flush wall and soffit profile panels made with New Tech Machinery's SSQ™ MultiPro Roof Panel Machine. The flush wall and soffit profile panels feature a reveal that can be adjusted in 3-inch increments. The panels also can be made with 22-gauge steel and accommodate Hot Melt Technologies Inc.'s sealant system.

Telephone: (800) 574-1717

Building codes manual is available

NRCA has made available Guidelines for Complying with Building Code Requirements for Roof Assemblies: International Building Code, 2012 Edition. The manual, co-branded with the International Code Council® (ICC), discusses compliance requirements applicable to roof assemblies and features appendices that explain roofing-related provisions contained in ICC's other model codes. The manual also discusses the National Fire Protection Association's fire code and standard for safeguarding construction, alteration and demolition operations.

Guidelines for Complying with Building Code Requirements for Roof Assemblies: International Building Code, 2012 Edition is $65 for NRCA members and $125 for nonmembers. For more information and to purchase the manual, go to or contact NRCA's Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or


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