New Ideas

Brake is lightweight

Malco Products Inc. has made available its portable, lightweight Mini Brake.™ The 58-pound brake, which can bend aluminum, copper and 22-gauge galvanized steel up to 135 degrees, has no fixed throat depth and is said to accommodate 4-inch- to 4-foot-wide metals. The product's anvil and apron feature adjustable strengthening ribs, and the anvil's clamping mechanism is said to secure its position.

In addition, the company has released its Gutter Outlet Punches for cutting 2- by 3-inch, 3- by 4-inch and 2 1/5- by 3 1/5-inch rectangular drop holes, as well as 2- by 3-inch X-style drop holes. The replaceable punch blades are designed to cut 5- and 6-inch-wide gutters up to 0.032 inch thick. The tools are compatible with the company's upgrade kits that punch additional drop-hole sizes and shapes.

Steel shingles feature coating