New Ideas

Roof system is sustainable

EnviroMetal Inc. now offers GalvaFlex,™ a flat-seam metal roof system designed for low-slope roofs on commercial, industrial, institutional and government buildings and said to accommodate slopes as low as 1/4:12 (1.2 degrees).

GalvaFlex comprises a flexible steel frame, 10- by 50-foot flat-seam Galvalume® steel roof panels, metal flashings, steel edges, metal wall panels, stainless-steel drains and a field compression bar with anti-backout stainless-steel fasteners.

GalvaFlex reportedly is insulated and bright white, making it reflective and energy-efficient. It also is environmentally friendly; has a low life-cycle cost; does not require kettles or torches; emits no fumes or odors; uses no hazardous materials; and is puncture-resistant.