New Ideas

Metering unit offers stability

Gusmer Corp. has introduced its 2004 Gusmer H-20/35 Pro Series Metering Unit, a foam and coatings metering unit that offers temperature stability in up to 410 feet of hose length. The metering unit has a 52-ampere Automatic Hose Heating Power Transformer and is digitally controlled.

Substrate for adhered systems

G-P Gypsum Corp. has released DensDeck DuraGuard™ Roof Board for the installation of self-adhered roof membranes. The substrate can be used for all adhered systems and often eliminates the need for field priming. DuraGuard is said to have efficient fire resistance and wind uplift because of a moisture-resistant, high-density gypsum core, as well as a low "R" value, enhanced bonding and fiberglass mats on both sides of the core for strength.