New Ideas

Metal roof system eliminates tear-off

McElroy Metal Inc. has introduced a 138T two-piece standing-seam metal roof system for installing over asphalt shingles.

The system is designed using McElroy Metal's 138T symmetrical standing-seam panel and patent-pending 138T Shingle Recover Clip. Measuring 1 3/8 inches tall, the metal roof system reportedly is ideal for shingle re-cover applications over solid decks with slopes of 2:12 or greater.

The 138T Shingle Recover Clip rests on two shingles, aligning the clip into the roof plane, and each clip has eight holes to allow fasteners to be attached through the ends of shingle tabs. The clips are said to eliminate common challenges of clip alignment and abrasion that often accompany a metal roof system installation directly over shingles with no underlayment.