Politics in the workplace

The upcoming presidential election will present unique challenges to workplaces

Your employees, similar to the rest of the world, likely are riveted by one of the most hotly contested and controversial elections in U.S. history: the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Regardless of whether your employees are with Her or sharing Trump-isms, they almost certainly are talking about the campaign and also may be talking about their political beliefs and activities while at work. This can lead to a myriad of employment law nightmares for you.

Rather than waiting for issues to materialize (or escalate), ensure your workplace is ready to respond to thorny issues at the intersection of politics and employment law.

Why you need to act now

The 2016 presidential campaign has seen a litany of commentary by Republican and Democratic candidates and their supporters that illuminates why employers should be particularly concerned with politics in the workplace this election season. Donald Trump is loved and hated by the masses, and the following quote is an example of why he is viewed as such a divisive candidate: