Preserving a historical sanctuary

D&D Monarch Sheet Metal renovates the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming

The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming, Laramie, is not a dusty attic or an exclusive library but a lively place where experts and novices engage with original sources of history. Internationally known for its historical collections, the American Heritage Center is a repository of manuscript collections, rare books and university archives.

Since its establishment in 1945, the American Heritage Center has acquired nearly 70,000 cubic feet of historically important documents and artifacts and is among the largest nongovernmental archives in the U.S. The center supports a wide range of research and teaching activities in humanities, science, arts, business and education. Each year, the American Heritage Center's professional archivists and librarians provide instruction to collegiate and public audiences through a variety of symposia, scholarly programs, lectures and exhibits that feature the center's collections. Access is free and open to all.

In 2013, the American Heritage Center's 20-year-old roof system was leaking, potentially damaging many fragile and irreplaceable documents. The project's roof consultant, Foothills Roof Services, Denver, selected D&D Monarch Sheet Metal Inc., Denver, to perform the tear-off and new roof system installation on the building.

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