Reroofing the Pentagon—Part Two

Volunteers and donors of NRCA's Pentagon Project share their thoughts

The roofing industry has taken the adage "many hands make light work" and made it its mantra. For the past several months, hundreds of donors and volunteers have given time, money and materials to help reconstruct the Pentagon's roof system. Professional Roofing has published articles addressing what has been donated and by whom; it also has asked the volunteers and donors what they think about the project and why they became involved. Following are some of their stories.

The Francises

John and Kimberly Francis, owners of Northern Virginia Roofing, Falls Church, Va., first approached NRCA with the idea for rebuilding the Pentagon's roof system. Although the Francises operate a small roofing contracting company, they figured with a little help from everyone in the industry, the job would get done.

"The disaster made us realize how proud we are to be Americans and how blessed we are to live in the greatest country in the world," John says. "It [would be] awesome to see Americans of all races and creeds unite in one common goal to stand firm and fast in the fight against terrorism."