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ASTM International accepting program nominations

ASTM International is accepting nominations for candidates to attend its Emerging Professionals Program. This year's program will provide airfare and lodging for up to 24 participants to attend a leadership development workshop held during one of four ASTM International conference "committee weeks" where technical experts create and revise standards for their industries.

The Emerging Professionals Program seeks to identify candidates who have some familiarity with standards and strong potential to be future leaders in one or more of the organization's 145 technical committees. Winning candidates will receive roundtrip airfare to a committee week location and two nights' accommodation. During their stay, candidates will receive a thorough introduction to standards development; mentoring from a standards professional in their industry; and a professionally led leadership workshop addressing negotiation, consensus-building and problem-solving.

Nominations are due Aug. 10 for the committee week to be held Oct. 10 in New Orleans with thermal insulation, air quality and performance of buildings as the affiliated industries.