Risk Management

Safety first

This column uses fictitious case histories to introduce important loss-control principles. The details for these case histories are not meant to represent any particular occurrence. Any similarities to living people or actual events are purely coincidental.

The spring roofing season was slow at Blue Jay Roofing because winter had been unusually warm allowing the company to work steadily through it. As a result, the company had little backlog heading into spring and faced fierce competition from other roofing companies.

Blue Jay Roofing finally won a large reroofing job at a local shopping mall. It was a tear-off project, and Bill, a Blue Jay Roofing foreman, knew it would occupy him and his crew until summer. John, Blue Jay Roofing's owner, and Larry, a superintendent, also were pleased about the job.

A few days before the project was to begin, John, Larry and Bill met to review the project and discuss strategy. John told his employees this would be a high-profile job and the company's first with the mall owner. John knew the owner had more roofing projects planned, and he wanted to be in a position to negotiate for them.