Risk Management

Brains over brawn

This column uses fictitious case histories to introduce important loss-control principles. The details for these case histories are not meant to represent any particular occurrence. Any similarities to living people or actual events are purely coincidental.

Mel, a roof mechanic, had worked for Guild Roofing for almost three years and was known for being strong. In fact, Mel had had some success as a defensive lineman on his high school's football team.

Although Mel never used proper lifting techniques, he was able to lift and carry heavy materials all day. During Mel's first year with Guild Roofing, some of his co-workers showed him how to properly lift heavy bundles of shingles and other materials. Mel politely listened but disregarded their advice. After all, Mel knew he was strong and could effortlessly lift materials.

"What difference does it make?" Mel thought. "As long as I get the work done, who cares how I lift?"