Roofing in the 11th hour

GSM Roofing steps in to finish the metal roof system on St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Jefferson, Pa.

During the Hadrian reign in Italy (A.D. 117-138), a woman named Sophia gave birth to three daughters: Faith, Hope and Agape. Sophia taught her daughters Christianity, openly teaching them piety and prayer during a time when it was forbidden by Roman law. When word of their manner of life reached the emperor, he sent soldiers to bring them before him.

The emperor attempted to change their world view by offering them luxuries and a different lifestyle.

However, despite their young years, the sisters were committed in their faith. Thinking their steadfastness only was a result of supporting each other, the emperor separated them.

Twelve-year-old Faith boldly dismissed the emperor's flattery and shamed his deeds against Christians. The maddened emperor tortured Faith and beheaded her. Ten-year-old Hope confessed Christ as steadfastly as her sister Faith, so the emperor threw her into a raging furnace. The flames extinguished upon touching her, so she, too, died by the sword. Agape, the youngest at 9 years old, was as devoted as her sisters. The emperor, now furious, hung her on a gallows, broke her limbs and beheaded her, as well.