Roofing revival

Renaissance Roofing restores the copper dome on Cascade County Courthouse

Built between 1901-03, Cascade County Courthouse in Great Falls, Mont., is a three-story English Renaissance Revival-designed structure constructed from gray sandstone quarried from hills 6 miles west of the Missouri River. The building's four exterior columns are made of Tennessee marble; the 35-foot-wide dome is copper and supports a 15-foot-tall Statue of Justice; and the halls and wainscoting are laid in mosaic tiles.

On July 4, 1903, contractors completed work on the building. During World War II, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the courthouse's dome was used to watch for enemy aircraft. In 1980, the courthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places and has been included in the Great Falls Northside Residential Historic District since 1991.

Throughout the years, much of the building's interior has been altered to meet changing needs; a majority of the original furnishings have been removed and sold. During 2016-18, Renaissance Roofing Inc., Belvidere, Ill., restored Cascade County Courthouse's copper roof system and dome employing current design methods and standards.

Main roof