Safe Solutions

Staying hydrated

Rick, a young roof mechanic, had worked for Clayton Roofing for almost a year and liked being part of a team.

One warm May morning, Rick and his co-workers were sent to install an asphalt shingle roof system. Rick was glad the weather had finally turned warmer. He was tired of the seemingly endless cold, gray winter days.

Steve, Clayton Roofing's foreman, had reviewed the job's potential safety hazards with the crew, including falls and how to avoid them.

The roof's slope was 8-in-12 (34 degrees), so slide guards were installed as work platforms. The workers donned personal fall-arrest systems and wore proper personal protective equipment. Access to the roof was provided by ladders, and Steve made sure the ladders were set on firm ground at the proper ratio: 1 foot away from the building for every 4 feet of eave height, extended 3 feet beyond the eave and securely tied-off.