Safety: A core value

Castro Roofing shares its methods for creating a safe work environment

As commercial (low-slope) roofing contractors, we operate within what the Bureau of Labor Statistics deems the fourth most dangerous occupation based on fatality statistics. At Castro Roofing, Dallas, we recognize the risks and emphasize safety always will be at the top of our company's agenda.

We have developed a safety culture that's permeating throughout our company and keeping our insurance premiums at record lows. We don't believe safety measures make us any less agile or negatively affect our bottom line. In fact, we've observed developing a strong safety culture has had the greatest positive effect on accident reduction and project management, and it ultimately saved our company more than a quarter-million dollars during the past year. Safety is a priority for us, and the monetary savings are an additional benefit.

The following are some successful safety measures we strategically have implemented over the years that may help your company become a safer workplace for your employees.

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