Secrets of success

Successful residential roofing contractors share tips of the trade

In any business, sales are one of the biggest challenges, and also the key to success. And residential roofing is no different—with manufacturers creating more and more similar products, a tightening labor market and intense competition, how do successful companies continuously make new sales and, importantly, keep customers coming back?

Professional Roofing spoke with three leading residential roofing contractors from a cross-section of the U.S. to find out their tips and secrets for thriving in an increasingly competitive environment. Following is an excerpt of the interviews with Bryan Karel, vice president of operations for Garlock-French Corp., Minneapolis; Bobby Laughlin, a senior estimator for Academy Roofing Inc., Aurora, Colo.; and Keith Swope, president of Tampa Roofing Co., Tampa, Fla.

How has selling roof systems to homeowners changed in the age of social media and portable technology?

Swope: The only thing we have done differently is put a lot of information about roofing on our website. I want our customers to be as knowledgeable as they can be, and I direct them to our website as a resource of roofing information.