Selfless service

Brandon Reese wins the prestigious Best of the Best Award

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jered Stetter first worked with Brandon Reese when they were deployed to Iraq in 2008 and Stetter served as Reese's squad leader. While in Iraq, Reese was acting as the gunner for Stetter when they encountered an improvised explosive device that sent shrapnel into the gunners hatch. Reese took most of the blast and afterward asked Stetter to look at his face because he thought he had been hit. Stetter confirmed any injuries were not life-threatening and returned to the radio.

"The next thing I know, Brandon is back on the gun scanning for targets," says Stetter, who now is a warrant officer candidate school course manager at Camp Atterbury, a National Guard training base in Indiana. "For a brief moment, I had the realization Brandon had not only taken a blast but took the brunt of the blast to his face—mostly percussion and noninjuring—and yet there he was protecting me so I could do my job and not sweat the enemy approaching. This is a classic case of the utmost bravery, loyalty and selfless service many on the civilian side will never encounter. If one thing has ever been true, it is that I owe a debt of gratitude to Brandon Reese."

Reese's dedication in the military and as a service technician for Korellis Roofing Inc., Hammond, Ind., stood out as one of the reasons he was chosen for the Best of the Best Award.

The Roofing Alliance's MVP Task Force presented Reese with the award, which is an extension of the Roofing Alliance's Most Valuable Player Awards. OMG® Roofing Products Inc., Agawam, Mass., and Professional Roofing co-sponsor the honor.