Shining like stars

NRCA members continue to demonstrate their overwhelming support for their communities

When author John Green said, "There is no them. There are only facets of us," he was expressing his view that we are all connected to each other. When we extend help to another person, our assistance extends beyond that person and benefits our communities.

Many NRCA members have experienced firsthand the inherent power of community that comes from helping others. The influence of one charitable deed can result in a chain reaction of positive effects within a community. NRCA members have long been part of a strong and active force of philanthropy within the roofing industry that stretches through their communities.

Every August, Professional Roofing shares some of the great stories of generous acts NRCA members have performed for their communities during the past year. The following are just a few of those stories.

Children's Mansion

In December, Atlas Roofing Corp., Atlanta, spread a bit of holiday goodwill to help maintain the Children's Mansion in Tupelo, Miss. A subsidiary of the United Pentecostal Church, the Children's Mansion assists abused, abandoned and neglected kids from throughout the U.S. The facility operates exclusively from donations and currently is home to 40 children and teens.

Most of the buildings that comprise Children's Mansion were built in the 1970s. Many were in dire need of roof system repairs, and some roofs were leaking. Atlas Roofing's branch in Pontotoc, Miss., generously donated the roofing materials to install the 15,000 square feet of shingles needed to repair the compound's roof systems. With labor donated by Summit & Building Roofing Co. LLC, Groveport, Ohio, Children's Mansion received new roof systems on five campus buildings, a project estimated to cost about $42,000 in materials and labor.

"We're honored to have had a chance to work for such a worthy cause," says Mike Walker, an Atlas Roofing sales representative who helped orchestrate the supplies donation.

Thanks to Atlas Roofing's efforts, the children in Tupelo's shelter can sleep a bit easier with safe and sound roofs above them.

Saving a historic theater

The roof system on the historic Lyric Theater in downtown Harrison, Ark., used to leak so much, patrons would need to move seats to avoid being rained on during inclement weather. The interior ceiling had begun to sag and fall in some places, and rain and melting snow began to leak onto the theater's can lighting, forcing the theater to occasionally shut down for fear of electrical issues.

In September, Harness Roofing Inc., Harrison, saved the theater from closing by donating and installing a new roof system.

"Our board had begun a capital fundraising campaign effort to replace the roof," says Vive Allen, operations manager for the Ozark Arts Council and Historic Lyric Theater. "Money had begun to trickle in, but we were in no position to move forward. But if we didn't move forward, we could lose our beloved theater. Then Roger and Patty Harness contacted us and said they would make a new roof possible for us."

Harness Roofing installed a new 60-mil TPO membrane roof system on the theater, including new wind vents, a roof hatch and flashings.

"Harness Roofing worked tirelessly and with great dedication, precision and compassion," Allen says. "They have given us a new roof, and we can only express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. We are humbled by the compassion and love they have shown us and their community."

Because of Harness Roofing's generosity, the restoration and preservation of a theater that houses events to enrich the small Arkansas community was a success.

A Roof Over Your Head

Showalter Roofing Service Inc., Naperville, Ill., has made it a practice to help others, particularly looking out for those who have fallen on hard times and cannot afford to repair or replace their roof systems. During the past year, CEO C.J. Martin has been working diligently to create A Roof Over Your Head, a charitable organization that provides full roof system replacements and repairs to economically disadvantaged families and/or individuals in the local area.

"Showalter Roofing often receives calls from families and individuals who ask us for monetary relief regarding their roofing needs because of tough economic situations," Martin says. "We have several organizations around the area that do a fantastic job of helping with food, clothing and transportation, yet there are few organizations that address roofing needs. A Roof Over Your Head is unique in that we specifically deal with roof issues. By forming a separate 501(c)3 company, I believe we can do more by asking individuals, companies, suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, churches, etc., for help by combining various resources."

A Roof Over Your Head is planning its inaugural roofing project; a 33-square home in the Chicago suburbs will receive GAF shingles partially donated by Bone Roofing Supply Inc., Villa Park, Ill., with labor provided voluntarily by Showalter Roofing employees in conjunction with some subcontractors in the area.

Thanks to Martin's unselfish efforts to provide his community with roofing services, A Roof Over Your Head will continue to grow into a valuable organization that will serve those in need in the Chicagoland area for many years to come.

For the birds

When board members of New Hope, Pa.-based Bucks County Audubon Society (BCAS), a society dedicated to educating the public about energy and resources conservation, including the protection of birds and other wildlife, were looking for help with a leaking roof on their historic building, they only had to search as far as a supportive member.

When the cedar shake roof system on BCAS' offices began to fail, the group reached out to Dick Carroll, founder and former owner of Drexel Metals Inc., Louisville, Ky., an active participant in bird counts and other BCAS events during the 1990s.

"I was part of a group that looked at the building when the society was thinking about buying it, so I was familiar with the building," Carroll says. "It's a historic structure and the design is quite unique. When I learned the roof system was failing, of course I wanted to help."

Carroll contacted Brian Partyka, executive vice president of business development at Drexel Metals, about the project. Partyka was familiar with the roofing issues the Audubon Society was experiencing, and he also knew he had the perfect material to reroof the stone building.

"Dick gave me my start in this industry," Partyka says. "His love for birds and Bucks County made it an easy decision to assist with this project."

Partyka called on Harvey Building Products, Bethlehem, Pa., to form the 6,500 square feet of Drexel Metals FalZinc® standing-seam panels on-site, and Phil and Melissa Eiseman of Eiseman Construction, New Britain, Pa., provided the labor to install the panels—all while the building remained open to the public.

"Drexel Metals' founder has a history with the society, so it was important to us," Partyka says. "We are proud to have been a part of it."

Fore a good cause

After Oklahoma City-based Saratoga Roofing & Construction employee Mike Thackaberry lost his father to lymphoma, he wanted to do something in memory of his dad. With the help of a friend, Thackaberry founded an annual golf outing to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. On June 6, Thackaberry held the seventh annual golf outing for 100 participants, and Saratoga Roofing & Construction was the title sponsor.

"We are happy to have been the title sponsor to support such a worthy cause," says Denver Green, Saratoga Roofing & Construction's president. "Anytime we can give back to the community and help an employee, we know we are making a good investment."

Because of Thackaberry's unwavering efforts during the past seven years, this year's golfing event reached Thackaberry's goal of raising $100,000 to help those suffering from leukemia or lymphoma.

Home Builders Blitz

During the week of June 8-12, InterWrap,® Vancouver, B.C., teamed up with Habit for Humanity® to build homes and hope for more than 200 low-income families during Habitat for Humanity's Home Builders Blitz. During the annual five-day event, more than 250 homes are built, rehabbed or substantially repaired in more than 80 communities in 35 states. This year was InterWrap's first collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, and the company donated nine skids of RhinoRoof, the equivalent of more than 500 rolls.

"It's a great opportunity for professional roofing contractors to help build homes for families in need," says Scott Fisher, InterWrap's southeast regional sales manager. "Our contribution of underlayment provided the homes with a secondary layer of roofing protection should the primary roofing fail for any reason."

Shelter near or far

San Diego's RSI Roofing travels wherever there is a need for roof system repairs. When David Susi, president of RSI Roofing, heard about a school in Mexicali, Mexico, experiencing leaks from a failing roof system, the company sent a crew over the border to reroof the school with materials generously donated by ABC Supply Co. Inc., Beloit, Wis., and Carlisle Construction Materials Inc., Carlisle, Pa.

A bit closer to home, RSI Roofing provided a new roof system for the local North Park Little League's snack bar with GAF shingles also donated by ABC Supply.

"It's important for us to donate our time and resources to give back to a community that has supported us for the past 23 years we've been in business," Susi says. "These two projects ultimately helped the children here in San Diego and in Mexicali, and we are thankful we could help."

Fight for Air Climb

About four years ago, A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply, Aurora, Ill., started giving back to its community by participating in a company volunteer effort each year.

In February, employees participated in a Fight for Air Climb event in memory of a co-worker who died in August 2014 after a long battle with lung cancer. A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply's team, Team Todd, named for their co-worker, climbed 31 floors to the top of Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., to raise money and awareness for lung cancer. The team completed the race in 6 minutes 29 seconds and came in third, raising $8,798.

A few months later, A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply went beyond its annual event and prepared and served lunch at the Hesed House in Aurora. The Hesed House is a campus of centralized, skilled professionals collaborating to provide the tools necessary to help individuals and families break free from homelessness. A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply employees served Italian sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes, salad and cookies for 125 people on the campus. The employees shopped for food, prepared the meal at the Hesed House and dined with residents.

Thanks to A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply employees, the roofing industry community is actively helping to raise funds to find a cure for lung cancer and fighting to end the plight of homelessness for all.

On a mission

BRI Roofing & Sheet Metal LLC, Haslet, Texas, takes pride in every roof system it builds and repairs, but being able to provide roofing services to those in need makes the company most proud. When the company learned SafeHaven of Tarrant County, Hurst, Texas, an organization that serves domestic violence victims in Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding areas, was in need of roofing work, it didn't hesitate to provide the help.

After unexpected flood damage expenses for the Arlington shelter exhausted SafeHaven's budget for a new roof system on its Fort Worth shelter, BRI Roofing came to the organization's aid with a roofing solution.

"BRI generously offered to match the gift we received from the Amon G. Carter Foundation to make it possible for SafeHaven to replace the entire roof on our 22,000-square-foot shelter," says Mary Lee Hafley, president and CEO at SafeHaven. "We are so fortunate BRI Roofing believes in SafeHaven's mission and gave us the benefit of their quality workmanship. The new roof is beautiful!"

Building hope in Uganda

At Chase Construction North West Inc., Edgewood, Wash., the foundation of its success is improving the quality of life for people everywhere. Its mission is to not only build physical structures, but also to build hope and encouragement. During 2014, Joel and Melanie Beattie, owners of Chase Construction North West, traveled to the Buzzi Community Center Project in Uganda.

When the Beatties arrived, the community center was merely a few poles, an unfinished metal roof system and a dirt floor. There were no funds to support the community center, so Chase Construction North West co-sponsored the purchasing of building materials, coordinated transportation and hired laborers to help with the work.

The Buzzi Community Center now has an established location for many of its outreach programs. Together with its partners, Chase Construction North West provided the center with several sewing and knitting machines to teach members of the community how to make and sell products locally and globally, helping them create self-sufficient financial futures.

"We believe the imprint we left on the Buzzi community has and will continue to impact the quality of life in that region for generations to come," Joel Beattie says. "We are thankful to be part of their advancement."

No Roof Left Behind

Through No Roof Left Behind, a nationwide program that provides local contractors with a framework to install a new roof system for a deserving homeowner in need, Advanced Exteriors Inc., Denver, installed new roof systems with materials donated by GAF, Parsippany, N.J., for Anna McGuire of Lyons, Colo., and Sharon Marshall in Denver.

The homeowners were nominated for the new roof systems by No Roof Left Behind, and the community voted for the winners. Advanced Exteriors provided labor, expertise, planning and scheduling.

Thanks to Advanced Exteriors' generosity, two homeowners received the help they needed to keep their homes, a critical component to maintaining prosperous lives in their communities.

Roof angels

The Walter Parker Co., d.b.a. RoofCARE, Albuquerque, N.M., partnered with Tremco Inc., Beachwood, Ohio, for the third annual Roof Angel project. Each year, RoofCARE donates roofing repairs to a nonprofit organization.

The 2014 event took place Dec. 9-11, 2014, at the Albuquerque Rescue Mission, an organization dedicated to helping homeless families. With materials donated from Tremco, RoofCARE repaired the organization's 8,000-square-foot built-up gravel-surfaced roof system that had more than a dozen leaks.

"After a couple of rainstorms, we are proud to report the facility no longer leaks," says Jonathan Small, marketing director at RoofCARE.

Guaranteed help

In May, a repeat client of Guaranteed Roofing, Texas City, Texas, contacted the company with news that she was part of a local nonprofit organization, The Samaritan Women at the Well (SWATW). The organization's main focus is assisting women and children from families in crisis.

As with many charitable organizations, their funds were never quite enough for building repairs. Guaranteed Roofing's client asked whether the company would be able to donate materials for the organization to begin repair work on some rundown and potentially hazardous apartments with the goal of rehabbing the homes for graduates of SWATW's one-year program.

When Jeff Prouty, owner of Guaranteed Roofing, learned about the project, he wanted to donate materials and have his company do the work. During the month of July, Guaranteed Roofing's carpenters worked full-time to transform a rundown apartment complex into livable homes in which residents can be safe and feel a sense of pride. More than $50,000 worth of repairs were performed on the complex.

In addition, in August, the company hosted a painting party for SWATW where 65 volunteers took part in repainting the entire exterior of the apartment complex. The company gave away prizes and provided lunch and drinks.

"We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to make an impact like this for so many people," says Amber Balderas, marketing manager for Guaranteed Roofing.

Never-ending generosity

The preceding stories are a small sampling of the charitable acts performed by NRCA members during the past year.

There are countless tales of unselfish, generous acts of support performed by professional roofing contractors. These acts of kindness begin with a request for help and end with a call to action that always goes above and beyond the need. NRCA members simply make life better for others.

If your company is performing charitable acts in your community, Professional Roofing would like to hear about them. Email us at

Chrystine Elle Hanus is Professional Roofing's associate editor and NRCA's director of communications.

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Did you know?

If your company is doing great work to help an organization, you can nominate the project for a CNA/NRCA Community Involvement Award. The winner will receive $5,000 payable to the charity. For more information, contact Charlotte Norgaard, NRCA's media relations manager, at (847) 493-7548 or



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