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The 2017 NRCA Wage and Benefits Survey results are in

For years, the construction industry has been feeling the pinch of a diminishing labor supply. As roofing contractors attempt to recruit more help, they may encounter unanticipated expectations from a new generation of workers. These younger workers seek collaborative professional environments, strong wages and comprehensive health insurance plans.

The recently completed 2017 NRCA Wage and Benefits Survey of NRCA contractor members provides a set of benchmarks about average annual salaries and bonuses for employees by position. The survey also captures the range and types of benefits employees receive in the field and office, such as insurance and retirement plans, plus additional benefits such as educational assistance, employee assistance programs, vehicle use and cell phone availability.

As prospective employees seek employment opportunities that rival traditional career paths, the 2017 NRCA Wage and Benefits Survey provides insight into how to attract these workers.

The 2017 survey