Stay safe in cyberspace

Ensuring cybersecurity is increasingly important for small businesses

Roofing contractors and others in the construction industry increasingly are being targeted by malicious hackers for financial gain or competitive advantage. I'm guessing many Professional Roofing readers have accounts set up with Home Depot. Are you aware there were an estimated 56 million credit cards stolen from the company during 2014? The cost of recovery for Home Depot has been estimated to be upward of $10 billion during the next decade.

Cybersecurity affects everybody and every industry regardless of their levels of dependence on technology. This became shockingly clear to me when my 2-year-old received his first data breach notification letter in 2015. He had never been online, never had a credit card, etc., but as a victim of the Premera BlueCross data breach, my 2-year-old will live out his entire life with a compromised Social Security number. I share this story routinely when speaking at conferences because one of the most common questions I am asked is: "Do I really need to be concerned about having my identity stolen?"

Who is getting hacked and why?

It is becoming more difficult to ignore the fact that cybersecurity compromises are becoming the norm. From Home Depot and Target to Anthem and Premera BlueCross, it is clear every industry in every sector is at risk. But it isn't just the big companies with high-profile data breaches who are falling prey. Companies of all sizes are being targeted by malicious hackers around the globe.