Steady as a rock

According to the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant. But Kent Tolley, vice president of Quality Tile Roofing Inc., Boise, Idaho, and NRCA's new president, might have made Heraclitus second guess himself. When asked how Kent has changed during the years, his co-workers, friends and family unanimously say: "He hasn't."

Those who work with Kent and know him personally describe him as capable, smart, considerate and, above all, steady. Undoubtedly, these traits—combined with decades of roofing industry experience dating back to Kent's childhood—will serve him well during the coming year as NRCA president.

A roofing history

Kent was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Garry and Darlene Tolley. Garry worked for roofing manufacturing companies in Idaho and Southern California and moved the family to Boise when a former customer, Boyd Hughes, asked Garry to manage his recently purchased roofing company, Rutledge Bros. Garry agreed and eventually bought the company, which became Tolley-Hughes Roofing & Sheet Metal.