Success again

NRCA's 128th Annual Convention and the 2015 IRE rank second-best in attendance

NRCA's 128th Annual Convention and the 2015 International Roofing Expo® (IRE) didn't quite break the 2014 all-time attendance record, but they came close. Held Feb. 24-26 in New Orleans, the show's total attendance reached 9,337, down about 200 from 2014. Weather-related issues most likely were the cause of the decline, but 2015's attendance still was well above 2013's attendance of 8,491.

The trade show also was the second largest with 465 companies exhibiting in 1,178 booths, just shy of the 1,190 booths at the 2000 show in Atlanta.

The convention kicked off Sunday, Feb. 22, with NRCA's Executive Committee meeting, NRCA's Affiliate Executives Council meeting and NRCA's board of directors meeting during which all NRCA officers, directors and former presidents who were present signed a Statement of Support for hiring members of the National Guard and Reserves. NRCA signed a similar statement.

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