Systematic selling

Educating homeowners about integrated roof systems can help grow your business

As an experienced roofing contractor, you know a new roof system offers homeowners enhanced protection, performance and comfort. However, if you don't take time to specifically explain these benefits to your customers, you may be overlooking additional opportunities for profitability.

Integrated roof system components specifically are designed to work together to protect the home they shelter. By educating homeowners about how and why these components combine to offer excellent protection for their homes, you position yourself as an expert and create the potential for greater business growth. The following tips will help maximize your roof system knowledge to secure more sales.

Perform a thorough inspection

Before providing an estimate and committing to a specific roof system, make certain you have thoroughly evaluated the current roof system. Diagnose problem areas, vet several solutions and, if necessary, take pictures before discussing your recommendation. Be sure to talk through your thought process with the homeowner so he or she understands the system's value.