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Performance criteria update

During the past several years, those involved with the roofing industry's Performance Criteria for Constructed Roof Systems (PCCRS) initiative have been meeting regularly to develop the organization's initial roof system performance criteria for built-up and spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof systems. Criteria Development Groups (CDGs) were formed to develop draft criteria for each of the two systems, and the drafts are nearing completion.

But before the documents can be released, your feedback is needed.


In early February 2008, the PCCRS Council—which is responsible for the administration and general oversight of PCCRS—will make the built-up roof (BUR) and SPF drafts available to the public for review and comments. The PCCRS Council will accept comments on the initial drafts until May 15, 2008, after which the CDGs will meet to address all comments received.