Technical Elements

Curb appeal

If you use The NRCA Roofing Manual: Mem brane Roof Systems—2007, you should note that NRCA has reformatted its construction details pertaining to curb design. The manual's previous edition, The NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual, Fifth Edition, provided details for the following curb conditions:

  • Rooftop air-handling unit with a prefabricated metal curb (Details BUR-12, MB-12, TP-12 and TS-12)
  • Rooftop air-handling unit with a job site-constructed wood curb (Details BUR-13, MB-13, TP-13 and TS-13)
  • Skylight, scuttle and smoke vent (Details BUR-14, MB-14, TP-14 and TS-14)

In the 2007 edition, NRCA addresses these details by curb type rather than penetration type. The curb construction details now are referred to as:

  • Insulated prefabricated metal curb (Details BUR-13, BUR-13A, MB-13, MB-13A, EPDM-13 and SP-13)
  • Prefabricated metal curb (Details BUR-14, BUR-14A, MB-14, MB-14A, EPDM-14 and SP-14)
  • Wood curb (Details BUR-15, BUR-15A, MB-15, MB-15A, EPDM-15 and SP-15)