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Pick and Roll Seam Roller

AJC introduces a seam roller and weld probe pick that combines the features of AJC's best-selling 1 3/4-inch-wide silicone roller with the company's heavy-duty steel pick. The roller features a disappearing pick that retracts when you don't need it. A wing screw allows for tool-free extension and retraction of the pick. Click here to see our entire line of seam rollers. For more information, call (800) 428-2438 or visit

Clamping Drain

Menzies' spun aluminum clamping drain was designed by roofing contractors for roofing contractors. The clamping ring is bolted to the threaded ring inside the sump bowl; there are no upright studs to interfere with the roof membrane; the aluminum strainer is bolted to the top of the clamping ring; and the strainer can be removed for easy cleaning without disturbing the sealed clamping ring. For more information, visit