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Slate-cutting Power Shear

Make your power drill a slate-cutting power shear! The Malco Turboshear Model TSNS1 attaches to a corded or cordless electric drill to make straight, angled or curved cuts in 4- to 8-mm natural roofing slate. The versatile and portable TurboShear requires less force than other slate-cutting methods. An operating speed of 1,400 to 2,000 revolutions per minute ensures optimal performance and control for making fast and easy cuts. Cutting roofing slate with the finished side up produces an authentic-looking, hand-cut appearance. And a padded skid plate prevents scratches to the exposed slate finish. The skid plate may be rotated to maximize acceptable cutting life, and the long-wearing blade and skid plate can be easily replaced on jobs. Visit for more information.

Peel-and-stick Roof Repair Tape

KARNAK introduces Patch-n-Go peel-and-stick roof repair tapes designed to adhere tenaciously and perform under stringent conditions. Patch-n-Go tapes are available in foil-faced (silver), black, white, fleece and double-sided rolls. Patch-n-Go seals metal, built-up roofing materials, EPDM, Hypalon,® PVC and skylights. The product is ultraviolet-resistant and can be coated. Patch-n-Go is sag-free, self-healing and VOC-free. Call (800) 526-4236 or visit for more information.