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Reflective elastomeric aluminum roof coating

Karnak Corp. is pleased to highlight the performance of Karnak 298 Alumin-R, a highly reflective and versatile elastomeric, single-application aluminum roof coating. Karnak 298 is designed for year-round application over built-up, metal, polymer-modified bitumen and concrete roofs. Unlike conventional aluminum coatings, Karnak 298 can handle roof movement and water immersion without cracking or splitting. More importantly, Karnak 298 meets ENERGY STARĀ® requirements and is rated by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., FM Global and the Cool Roof Rating Council. For more information, e-mail or call (800) 526-4235.

Electrical roof flashing

A professional solution to waterproof electrical cables required on rooftops now is available from Menzies Metal Products. The base is made of aluminum with a 12-inch water height and a 4-inch roof flange. The stack is insulated to prevent condensation. The electrical head is made from heavy plastic. The electrical stack and head allow waterproofing at the roof and cable exit point. The product also is available in TPO. For more information, call (880) 665-8840 or visit