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Surround® SR Roof Underlayment

This waterproof, slip-resistant, synthetic polymer material creates an effective water barrier on decks that greatly reduces the incidence of leaks. Surround SR Underlayment provides an impenetrable first line of defense during construction with strength and tear resistance that stand up to high winds and weather. Each lightweight roll covers more roof area, making it easier and faster to install than 30-pound felt. And it's backed by the manufacturers of proven TYPAR® weather-resistant barriers. For more information, visit

Spun Copper Clamping Drain

Menzies' new-style spun copper clamping drain was designed by roofing contractors for roofing contractors. The clamping ring is bolted to the threaded ring inside the sump bowl. There are no upright studs to interfere with the roof membrane. The aluminum strainer is bolted to the top of the clamping ring and can be removed for easy cleaning without disturbing the sealed clamping ring. For more information about this product and many others, visit